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Unlock the Power of Over 50's Insights with
National Seniors Australia

What we offer

1. Recruitment

2. Survey design and implementation

3. In depth interviews and focus groups

4. Data analysis and reporting

Why choose National Seniors Australia?

Expertise and experience

With 40 years of experience, we are experts in understanding and engaging the 50+ demographic.

Our researchers are academically qualified professionals.

We employ best research practice including rigorous analysis methods.

Access to a large 50+ audience

Our 240,000+ strong community includes direct email distribution reaching over 120,000 people aged 50+ across Australia, which allows us to tap into a broad spectrum of the community.

Tailored solutions

We collaborate closely with our clients to develop research objectives aligned with their specific needs.

Our research methodologies and reporting formats are customisable to meet unique requirements and deliver maximum value.

Actionable insights

We focus on delivering insights that drive real-world impact and inform strategic decision-making.

Our reports provide practical recommendations, helping organisations create tailored solutions for seniors.

Trusted reputation

NSA is a respected voice for older Australians, advocating for their rights and wellbeing.

Our contribution to knowledge about this demographic is highly regarded by government bodies, corporations, and not-for-profit organisations.

Our track record

Health and aged care

Reports on physical activity, dementia, ageing, aged care services, COVID-19, and health costs.

Social connection and community

Reports on issues such as volunteering, grandparent care, community, transport, and mobility.


Reports on motivations to work, barriers to it, interactions with health or caring duties, entrepreneurship, and more.


Reports on aspects such as retirement income, pension issues, cost-of-living impacts, the affordability of specific life expenses, and more.


Reports on issues such as downsizing and retirement living preferences.

Interested in engaging our team to conduct research or promote your survey?

To enquire about our research services, capabilities and pricing, please contact: Director of Policy and Research, Brendon Radford

Meet the team

Dr Brendon Radford

Director of Policy and Research

Dr Diane Hosking

Head of Research

Dr Lindy Orthia

Senior Research Officer

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