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The Productive Ageing Institute is the research and advocacy arm of National Seniors Australia, supporting older Australians’ wellbeing, needs, experiences and perspectives.

About the Productive Ageing Institute

In 2023, National Seniors Australia commemorates 15 years of unwavering dedication to understanding and advocating for the needs of older Australians through comprehensive research initiatives. With 121 full research reports published by the end of 2023, this milestone underscores our commitment to championing the voices and experiences of seniors across the nation.

From addressing economic, health, and social challenges to fostering positive change, our research serves as the cornerstone of numerous advocacy efforts and policy recommendations. Originating with the seminal publication “AdvantAGE Australia” in 2008, our research journey has continually evolved, with highlights including the initiation of the annual National Seniors Social Survey (NSSS) in 2012.

Transitioning towards more in-house research endeavors since 2014, our Research Team remains dedicated to maintaining a consistent, responsive, and member-driven research program. Finance and older people’s engagement in paid work emerge as prominent research themes, underscoring our commitment to exploring diverse facets of ageing. Moreover, our research endeavors extend beyond traditional boundaries, delving into community-specific issues such as rural ageing, botanical garden volunteering, and cultural diversity among elders. Our mission is to champion the rights and well-being of older people nationwide through best research practice including rigorous analysis methods and ethics approval processes.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To advance the well-being of older people.

Our Vision

National Seniors
Member Branches

National Seniors members can join their local community branch and get involved in discussing community issues, participate in social events, hear informative guest speakers and meet like-minded members. We currently have 75 branches across Australia run by local volunteers.

To find opportunities to speak to branch members in your electorate contact our Community Engagement Manager on branchmail@nationalseniors.com.au.

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National Seniors is a not-for-profit membership and advocacy organisation that gives older Australians – working and retired – a strong national voice. We tackle issues such as age discrimination, mature age employment, the Age Pension, social inclusion, cost of living concerns and more.

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