We advocate for inclusive digital policies and initiatives that bridge the digital divide, promote age-friendly technology solutions, provide enhance access to telehealth services, and offer peace of mind through robust cybersecurity measures.

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National Seniors Australia surveyed 1300 members and affiliates to understand how drivers aged 60 years and older use and interact...
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This report compares the results of two surveys before and after the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2018 and 2021 respectively exploring...
The aim of this current study was to contribute to a more comprehensive picture of senior engagement with digital technology.


The Productive Ageing Institute provides research and policy support for anyone seeking to guidance on supporting technology adoption for older Australians.

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Giving older Australians a better future

National Seniors is a not-for-profit membership and advocacy organisation that gives older Australians – working and retired – a strong national voice. We tackle issues such as age discrimination, mature age employment, the Age Pension, social inclusion, cost of living concerns and more.

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