Retirement Income

We advocate for sustainable pension systems, robust superannuation policies, and fair age pension reforms to ensure equitable access to adequate retirement income. Our vision encompasses a society where retirees can confidently plan for their futures, with access to reliable and transparent retirement income options that support a comfortable and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Latest Research

National Seniors Australia survey results from people aged 50 and over about their housing situation.
This report investigates how older retirees are managing their retirement income and assets 30 years after the Superannuation Guarantee became...
National Seniors Australia surveyed 3938 Australians aged 50+ in February 2022, asking questions about their employment and retirement status, their...
In this report, National Seniors and Challenger uncover interesting attitudes amongst seniors and comfortable lifestyle spending.
Senior couple having breakfast and doing bills
Self-funded retirees are facing increased financial instability and general insecurity with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more in...

Retirement Income

The Productive Ageing Institute provides research and policy support for anyone seeking to guidance on retirement income outcomes of older Australians.

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Giving older Australians a better future

National Seniors is a not-for-profit membership and advocacy organisation that gives older Australians – working and retired – a strong national voice. We tackle issues such as age discrimination, mature age employment, the Age Pension, social inclusion, cost of living concerns and more.

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